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Classic Bike Licenses FMWB : 

As to promote the participation of pilots to compete in the Belgian Classic Bike Championship, the FMWB has decided to reduce drastically the fees for the national annual license.

For pilots residing in Belgium , such Belgian national license has been reduced to 125,08€ The fee for a “one event only” license however has been pulled up to 50€(for 2 days), 65€(for 3 days)

For pilots residing out of Belgium, it is also possible to request for a Belgian national license at the price of 220,08€. The extra costs cover for repatriation insurance and for shipping fees. A “one event only” license costs 75€(for 2 days), 85€(for 3 days) including repatriation insurance.

May we remind you such national annual license gives access to the final Belgian Championship ranking (which you DON’T have in case you race with “one event only” licenses). An extra advantage covered by this national annual license is the hospitalization insurance. This insurance offers 24/24 coverage, be it in your workshop or during track events (demonstrations, practices, races…). The international license automatically includes a repatriation insurance coverage. A license gives access to all racing series included in the FMB-BMB Classic Bike regulations.

The 2018 Classic Bike calendar

Participating in only 3 events of all listed here above one is financially much better off with a national annual license then with 3 “one event only” licenses.

ATTENTION: For certain tracks, in France and in The Netherlands, organizing open practice sessions, a Civil Liability Insurance is mandatory. One can obtain such insurance through the FMWB.

Some complementary remarks:

  • an environmental carpet is mandatory. You can obtain them through the FMB/BMB
  • a transponder (type AMB, be it personal or hired on the track) is obligatory for Classic Bike races except for the “Parade” series
  • the Classic Bike license is valid for all series
  • the license also covers a medical care insurance. The coverage is 24/24 active, be it in your workshop, be it while practicing or during competition.

The national license is only valuable in Belgium and does not cover any repatriation (except the one for pilot residing out of Belgium). For participation in foreign races one must send a “Start permission” request (= license request for 1 foreign manifestation) to the FMWB costing an extra 65,08€ for each and every manifestation.

An international license covers as much foreign manifestations as desired and also contains a repatriation insurance coverage. Please bear in mind some foreign tracks request such license, even for a sole practice.

One also can choose for a “practice license” (national or international). Such license is only valid for “Parade” or free practice sessions. It is NOT valid for competition. The insurance coverage is identical to the national license; only the international practice license covers for repatriation insurance.

How to proceed?

Pilots residing in Belgium requesting a Belgian license:

  • Download the license request form:
  • Complete the parts of the Classic Bike license request (license request, declaration, medical certificate) Do not forget to complete the part “fatality insurance beneficiary”
  • Sign the request
  • Have the “legal medical examination attestation” completed by a doctor recognized by the FMWB (see list attached to the request). This attestation must be send together with the license request or can be sent directly to the FMWB by the examinating doctor
  • In case this is your first license request in Belgium, please join a copy of your identity card
  • Send your documents to our secretariat
  • Complete the payment by bank transfer to the CRMB bank account

On receipt of the documents the CRMB secretariat will verify them to make sure all documents have been transferred correctly, will CRMB stamp them and forward them to the FMWB. Few days later you will receive your license

Pilots residing outside of Belgium

Whatever nationality you may have, this license procedure is identical to the one for pilots residing in Belgium adding some specifications:

  • when requesting a license to the Belgian Federation one should be member of a Belgian Club associated to the FMB-BMB, such as the CRMB, Our annual membership fee is 30€ (IBAN: BE67 0682 1669 4387; SWIFT: GK CC BE BB)
  • the medical examination attestation has to be sorted out by a Doctor recognized by your national federation.
  • IMPORTANT: do not forget to ask your federation for a letter (discharge request) stating you are not the owner of an International License sorted by your federation, also stating you are not under a sports event sanction. Your national federation can send this “quitus” directly to the Belgian Federation or you can send it to us together with your license request.

Examples of fees/costs for the 2016 Belgian Classic Bike Championship (CRMB membership excluded)

  •   Number of completed races Belgian

    Annual License


    One event license”

    Belgian Pilot 2 125,08€ 100€(2 days) ou 130€(3 days)
      3 125,08€ 150€(2 days) ou 195€(3 days)
      4 125,08€ 200€(2 days) ou 260€(3 days)
      5 125,08€ 250€(2 days) ou 325€(3 days)
    Foreign Pilot 2 220,08€ 150€(2 days) ou 170€(3 days)
      3 220,08€ 225€(2 days) ou 255€(3 days)
      4 220,08€ 300€(2 days) ou 340€(3 days)
      5 220,08€ 375€(2 days) ou 425€(3 days)

For all additional info request please feel free to contact us at

The CRMB Commity