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Ouverture des inscriptions du Belgian Classic T à Gedinne : ICI

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    Ouverture des inscriptions du Belgian Classic Grand Prix 2015 à Spa Francorchamps : ICI
    Attention ne pas confondre avec le Belgian Classic T à Gedinne.
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      Dear All

      I know a number of you have been fortunate enough to race on the Schleizer Dreieck circuit, but many of you have not, that I have to say is so far your loss, it is perhaps one of the most wonderful natural (and safe) road race circuits in the world, and guess what?? it is under threat ! where have we heard that before I wonder?? Mallory? Brands? etc etc.
      It looked like the circuit had lost all possibility to race this year following a concerted campaign from some locals, VERY much in the minority I must add, again where have we heard this before??
      The circuit has been granted a reprieve for this year due to some legal wrangling and it looks like there will be a classic event there after all, later this year.However all support is vital and there is a petition to save the circuit at:-
      After you sign it, (I hope you will) you will get the opportunity to make a comment, please say something positive In English is OK, or at least vote, and click on Absenden, 

      Even if you never intend to race there, and truly I would urge that you do before you ever pack up racing,  please vote to try to save this venue. Please pass the petition on to friends as well.
      The possible dates I have been given are 11-13 September or 2-4 October, I will let you know when anything is decided.

      Thanks in advance, and I hope to see you sometime during the year..Have a safe season.

      Regards………Lew Batty
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        Les 4 & 5 juillet 2015, DG Sport, toujours en collaboration avec le CRMB et l’IHRO, organise dans le cadre des Biker’s Classic 2015 la 2ème édition du Belgian Classic Grand Prix à Francorchamps. Cette course entre en ligne de compte pour le championnat Classic Bike de la FMB, ainsi que pour le championnat IHRO. Seules les motos des classes 3 & 4 (350 & 500 Gr 1-2 de 1950 à 1972) du règlement sportif Classic Bike de la FMB ainsi que les motos des classes IHRO 1 et IHRO 2 du règlement IHRO sont acceptées. Les inscriptions et informations seront dans le courant du mois d’avril via le menu BCGP.

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          Un nouveau roulage organisé par MC Chevy 41, le club de Roland Martiny qui organisait les courses à Jéhonville.

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