DG Sport, in collaboration with the CRMB and IHRO, is organising within the framework of the 2017 Biker’s Classic a race, the Belgian Classic Grand Prix. This race will count towards the Classic Bike Championship of the FMB and the IHRO championship. Only bikes from Classes 3 & 4 (350 & 500 Gr 1-2 from 1950 to 1972) of the FMB Classic Bike regulations and motorcycles from IHRO1 and IHRO2 from the IHRO Regulation are accepted.

Registration fee for this event is 260 €. There will be 2 timed practice sessions on Saturday and 2 races on Sunday. To ensure an equivalent track time to the other participants, riders who do not qualified at the end of timed practice can have the opportunity to participate in the Biker’s Classic demonstrations for their class on Sunday.

Possession of a racing license is mandatory, but it will be possible to get an event license. However, given the limitations imposed by the circuit homologation (77 in practice and 70 motorcycles racing, and to not distort either the Classic Bike FMB championship nor the IHRO riders, priority registration is given to 13th May 2017 to regular competitor in these championships.
A registration will only be considered final after the delivery of the registration fee. The registration deadline for all drivers is set to 10th June 2017. After this date no further applications will be considered. 
For more information on the categories and / or technical information about eligible motorcycles, see the following websites: