We practice the competition in order to enjoy ourselves and to show the public, often more attentive and knowledgeable than you might think, what old racing bikes were and still are.

The CRMB, Classic Racing Motorcycles Belgium, was founded in 1986 by a small dozen of guys, all passionate about classic racing motorcycles. As from 1987 the CRMB conti­nues life as a non-profit organisation and organises a meeting at the racetrack of Francorchamps were over 250 participants meet. The CRMB also is co-founder of the FBVA/BFOV (Belgian Federation for Ancient Vehicles) which has most of the Belgian vehicles collectors clubs under its umbrella. (Car, motorcycle, truck, tractor…).

At this very moment the CRMB counts about 200 members from which about a hundred participate on a regular basis in demonstrations and shows, in Belgium as well as abroad, and also on racetracks in Belgium, France and the UK.

The Committee Members of the CRMB (actually 3 of them) represent the classic racing motorcycle at the FMB/BMB (Belgian Motorcycle Federation) on every possible level (sports and technical commissions, “Classic Bike” working group, racetrack homologation). These Committee Members also represent the club at the Belgian Federation for

Ancient Vehicles. For more then ten years now, and long before the classic motorcycles championships at federal level started, the CRMB organises its own CRMB Challenge, a championship covering races on Belgian soil (3 races in 2016 : Croix-en-Ternois, Chimay and Gedinne).