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The CRMB Challenge is a road race championship dedicated to classic racing motorcycles.

The CRMB Challenge is held over all meetings organized in the frame of the FMB Classic Bike championship 2018.

To enter classification one needs to participate at least at 2 meetings.

In each of following series, a champion will be nominated: 50cc, Vintage, 200 Gr1, 200 Gr2, 250 Gr1, 250 Gr2, 350 Gr1, 350 Gr2, 500 Gr1, 500 Gr2, 750, Post Classic 2T Gr1,  Post Classic 2T Gr2, Post Classic 4T Gr1, Post Classic 4T Gr2, Post Classic Gr3, IPC125, ClassicEvo, sidecar Gr1, sidecar Gr2, sidecar Gr3, sidecar GP500, sidecar GP600 & sidecar Post Classic.

Points are attributed to racers disposing of a year license as well of those disposing of a “one-event” license.

At the end of the season the top 3 of each series receives a trophy. There is no price money to be won.

During each race the following points are to be gained: 1. 25 pts, 2. 20pts, 3. 16pts, 4. 13pts, 5. 11 pts, 6. 10 pts, 7. 9 pts, 8. 8 pts, 9. 7 pts, 10. 6 pts, 11. 5 pts, 12. 4 pts, 13. 3 pts, 14. 2 pts, 15. 1 pt.

The CRMB Challenge award giving will be hold during the General Assembly of the CRMB on 02/12/2018.

In case of discussion the French version of the technical rules and regulations will be amended.