As you might have guessed, it will unfortunately not be in 2021 the pleasure of meeting in the Gedinne paddock for the 15th edition of the Belgian Classic Trophy will be ours. After wise consideration there still are too many doubts and too many uncertainties: will public be authorized or unauthorized, under which conditions, sanitary rules causing difficulties (minimum distance between vans, mask wearing‚Ķ), open or closed bar and stalls, authorized concert? So sadly enough we have been undone of all of our hope which caused us to cancel the BCT for this year. We have to admit, in addition, the worries linked to Brexit and the uncertain presence of all our great Brittish friends did not lead us to blissful optimism either. Although the term has recently been stripped of any legal substance, the expression ¬ę¬†good management¬†¬Ľ (not ¬ę¬†bankruptcy¬†¬Ľ) has forced us to this sad decision. We had no desire to mortgage neither the future of the club nor the sustainability of the BCT.

So we hope to finally meet again the third weekend of August 2022 for a great party!

Seriously, please stay prudent and take care of yourselves, because we are counting on you for the mega party of the 15th BCT at Gedinne!